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Guild Rules

Post  Laras on Tue Oct 09, 2007 9:13 pm

Please take not of the following rules which we expect everyone to follow

Social Rules
1) Please respect all other players in the game. Just because you are behind a keyboard does not absolve you of treating people with respect and decency. Griefing of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes harassment and/or derogatory comments of a sexual, racial, etc. nature whether this be in Guild Chat, regular chat, or otherwise.

2) Please keep all conversations, especially on the Guild Chat channel as Normal as possible. We do have younger players in our guild as well as some kids of members. Swearing and bad language is not acceptable. Please be responsible with what you type. The availability of a profanity filter does not absolve you of your responsibility.

3) Please keep all arguments off the Guild Chat channel. If you have a disagreement please take it to private tells/whispers. If you can't resolve your issues, feel free to escalate it to one of the council members that will help to mediate. Do NOT resort to name calling, swearing, etc. (See rules #1 and #2)

4) No begging/whining. This includes begging for money, items, quest help, etc. If you're in need of something specific, post a message on our forums. Keep in mind that people play this game for their own enjoyment, not just to help you do whatever you're trying to do. People will help you when itís convenient for THEM to help you. If no one is available to help you immediately, feel free to do something else in game in the meantime and come back to whatever it is you're needing help with when its more convenient for others.

5) Benefiting financially from guildmates is frowned upon. Do not advertise items for sale in Guild Chat. (Advertising items you are giving away FREE however is encouraged). Selling items given to you or crafted for you by other guildmates is also frowned upon.

Loot Rules for Guild Events
1) You may roll Need when the item is an upgrade over what you are currently equipping and will be equipped and used.
2) Ninja's Will get Demoted(Ninja= people that need on items they cant use or done need)

1) Any form of cheating will earn the guild member a ban .. so please respect the server rules.

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