If you want to get promoted from me

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If you want to get promoted from me

Post  Emerauld on Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:00 pm

Well there a lot of post about rank and some stuff seem to be confused, i am not guildmaster but i will share my point of view.

If you want to gain my trust and respect and get promoted from me, help the guild by doing that :

- Be Online and Active. Simple enough, we are all here to play a game, make fun and friends. If i won't see you i won't promote you :p

- Learn and Know. Learn the game and map, where are stuff, what the current bug. You can help a lot of people with that and be usefull to the guild.

- Be a bots. Sometime just be a healing/tank/dps robots. Go in raid or somewhere else without need, only to help. Craft item and loot them in raid for the guild vault. Boring but helpfull.

- Be strong. Get level 70, get gold, get item, get reputation, get 2 profession and a lot of recipe, get key and attunement to instance. You will have many more chance to help and your help will be better.

* Have a strong sense of humour and be friendly to me won't get you promoted (if you don't help guild)....but i will probably add you to my friends list Wink

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Re: If you want to get promoted from me

Post  Shadex on Wed Feb 20, 2008 1:43 am

I hope i can supply with mine Smile

- Be Mature and dont make stupid whispers like /w shadex: can i have gold plox Smile

- Think before you write something the guild channel.

- Be a good team player and try to help around.

- Dont beg people to help you.

- Respect your officers and guildmasters.

- and for god sake know what you are playing.

- Big plus would be if you used the forum.



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