Fishing guide in outlands! woot :D

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Fishing guide in outlands! woot :D

Post  Rodriguez on Tue Jul 15, 2008 1:51 pm

Well, hello everybody.

As an fisher, i had in mind to post this to help other people that had the "OMG i cant see fishing bobber!!" Problem.

Yes, fishing is almost bugged in outlands. Almost because in some special places, u will be able to fish. And how i have the explorer spirit, i finded the places. Well ill try to simplify:

Furious Crawdad - Golden Darter - Barbed Gril Trout - Spotted Feltail

Ull find those in Terrorkar Forest. There are several places that u will be able to fish this.
My favourite is the bridge outside Stonebreaker Hold, sometimes u have to be inside of the water.The small river(Full of basiliscs) is good too, but u will have to walk among the river pressing the fishing button, wherever the line apears, u can fish there=D.

Figluster's Mudfish - Barbed Grill Trout - Icefin Bluefish

Ull find thos in Nagrand, but only one place, (Lol this one ive searched for long time).

The last lake to south east, there is a water fall, u have to land in the waterfall, and fish from there.Its east of kilsorrow fortress.

Zangarian Sporefish - Barbed Grill Trout

Well, in zangarmarsh, behind the cenarion refuge, just a few steps to the rigth.
(This fish isnt that good :-)

Remeber that , Enourmous barbed grill trout and, huge spotted feiltaill u can fish in all theese places, just with a low rate.

Sorry, i dont know how to upload pics, ill try to post them here after.
Ah, one last thing.U haven't to maz ur fishing to fish there, but, with all skill maxed(Mine is 500 with fishing pole(+25) Aqueadinamic fish atractor(+100) and my skill(+375))it will be a way more easyer.

Well thats all, /hugs to everyone

Rideana 70 Blood Elf Hunter - PVP Downfall

I need to learn how to do assignatures Oo...

This is from the bwow forums but I posted it here so our fishers can have fun in outland too now Very Happy
Enjoy! ^^

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Re: Fishing guide in outlands! woot :D

Post  Malden on Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:00 pm

uuu cheersy
imma try it and post some results later
<< gone fishin

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